party for a good cause / Kimiko’s rise above the ashes party

My good friend, and fellow mo’fo Kimiko Martinez had something happen that we all think is never really a possibility and it actually kind of crazy to say…her house burnt down.

No, seriously, her house really burnt down.

Oh yeah, to make the whole situation worse, her son’s stuff was there too – as well as her ex-boyfriends. Yeah, this is just nuts.

Well, even though this all totally sucks she has been very, very positive through the whole thing, which I must say is very Kimiko-esque. But, now that this has happened it’s time to figure out how we can all help her get through this problem and continue on as normal she can for the next couple of months.

After thinking of a few ways that we could all help out, we came up with a simple answer – throwing a party somewhere so that we can raise some cash for our dear friend in need. Basically it’s drinking for a good cause and I think that it’s brilliant. So, not long after coming up with this idea, Beth had an awesome fundraiser set up over at Rock Lobster in Broad Ripple – I think that we should all go and help the cause.

Here are the details:

Rising Above the Ashes Benefit Party

When: 7 to 10:30 p.m. Aug. 3

Where: Rock Lobster, 814 Broad Ripple Ave.

What: Rock Lobster will allow us to charge $5 at the door and all proceeds collected will go to Kimiko, Micah and the other family! We will have access to the front and back bars and the event will be open to the general public.

Featured drink specials:
$3.50 Any Drink, Any Shot, Any Beer – U-Call-It
$2.75 Miller Highlife
$4.50 Smirnoff Flavored Vodka Drinks.

Not a bad way to help out a friend in need, eh? You can check out the event on the Happenings Calendar here(Roll Call now!). Pass this on to everyone you know, the more the merrier of course!