Part 9: Getting Lazy

I guess the title has double meaning: it can refer both to the band and also to the fact that I’m basically copying and pasting this blog from the one I posted on our band’s MySpace. For those of you who’ve lost track (or never knew) because I haven’t posted in a while, this blog is dedicated to the genesis of my band, Casanova Dega, and our various trials and tribulations as we rise from complete obscurity to almost-complete obscurity.

Okay, so we haven’t kept up with this thing quite as much as we should have. I’m not sure how many people read band blogs anyway, so I suppose there’s not much urgency to it. Here are the salient facts concerning what Casanova’s been up to since December:

- Our first (and, so far, only) show in Indy, at The Emerson. Solid show, except for not being able to hear each other so well due to not being provided with monitors. Robot got a little screwy for that.

- Our new song, Circus, is officially in circulation (as long as Ian’s playing that night). I hope you like gypsies!

- Gigs! Mostly in Muncie. Mo’s Tavern, The Launching Pad, Muncie Mardi Gras. Good times, although the LP show in February was a little rough. We haven’t been able to get together as many practices lately.

That’s the pitfall of having band members spread over an hour apart: we don’t get to practice as often as we’d like. Things have been a little slow lately… fewer practices, fewer new songs, not so many gigs (although the two at the tail end of February helped up the number). We’re looking to pick things up, dust them off, and take it up a notch now that we’re getting into the spring and summer. Look for new things, more gigs (next gig is at the 4th street apartment in Lafayette, probably the week after Easter; tell all your friends!) and maybe even some studio time (*gasp*) so that we can get rid of that god-awful recording we have up on our main page. Make sure you subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss anything! Good times will be had by all.

So that was my State of the Band address last week. I didn’t post about the random dramas between Jordan and Foster (for obvious reasons) as their egos collide and they each alternate between hating and liking (or at least standing) the other. Practice was solid and we started on some new stuff. I’m pushing hard for twice-a-week practices, but it can be hard when our members (har) are spread between three different cities. If you can really call Upland a “city.”