Part 8: The Long, Cold Winter

Okay, time for an update of sorts:

Our Indy debut went well, really. We blew the other three bands out of the water despite a hiccup at the beginning of Robot (lack of monitors = guitarists not hearing the synth intro properly). We also brought in more people than the other acts combined even without any Mojo support (I assume this was because The Emerson doesn’t serve alcohol). To top it off, Magen pulled off a pretty sweet merchandising coup by smuggling in a case of silly string with our band’s poster miniaturized and stickered on the outside of the can:

Voila, awesome and creative merch! (Jared, seated to the right, was a total rock star on stage… long flowing hair plus Goodwill sunglasses plus a bass guitar equals “badass”)

More adventures in the Big City will have to wait, however. Apparently our ADD singer can’t concentrate on more than one thing at once, so we’re passing on one or two gigs (Muncie on the 12th and Plainfield on the 19th) to pump some life into a couple of new songs we’ve come up with. We really haven’t had a new original since October, so it’s definitely time. One song with the working title “Gypsy Parade” (not actually about gypsies, but sounds pretty cool) is getting to a respectable point and will help cement what will eventually become our signature sound (for the few of you who’ve heard our songs, it leans closer to the Ghost end of the spectrum rather than Robot or Waste). Jordan’s also come up with a nice-sounding 6/8 riff that has a lot of potential and has been fun to play with.

Our next gig is Muncie Mardi Gras on February 2nd, in a nice heated tent with (hopefully) lots of exposure to the Ball State kids. Check it out if you happen to be in Muncie for one reason or another.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, except maybe for heaping some good-natured guilt on all those Mojo folk who told me they were coming out but in fact did not!