Part 7: Casanova in Indy (What?)

Our most recent gig at The Venue was kinda nice. There were a few hiccups and things each of us felt we could’ve done better, but hey, we’ve only been playing live for just over a month. We had people dancing (and they even caught on to the waltzing during the 6/8 parts of Ghost) and having a good time and that’s what counts. Then we hung around out in the cold and exchanged dirty jokes with the guys from Springload for a while. All’s well that ends well.

Going back to my brother’s art for a moment, his posters sold well. Even for a person who’s never heard of the band (or one who doesn’t even like us), the poster itself kicks enough ass to sell for $4. We were a little caught off-guard when some people asked us all to sign it, but luckily Mike was prepared with the appropriate writing utensils. Oh, Mike.

Our next show is this Friday, the 14th, at The Launching Pad in Muncie.

A Rocket to the Moon has also been added to the bill, so plenty of music for those inclined.

7:30 – Casanova Dega
8:30 – Long Plastic Hallway
9:30 – Dead End Drive In
10:30 – A Rocket To The Moon
11:30 – Oddly Enough

DEDI apologized for our early stage time, but really, we kind of expect that. We’re still the new kids in town.

The big news, though, is playing at The Emerson on Friday the 28th. Dead End Drive In posted a bulletin on MySpace asking for a couple bands to fill some slots for other bands that had dropped out, so naturally we jumped at the chance to make our Indianapolis debut. I think I’m the only person who’s never heard of the place, but the list of bands that have played there includes a lot of big names and people seem to be making a bigger deal of this than I’d expected. Naturally, extra practices are called for.