Part 6: The Visual Arts

Months ago I said that, when I finally got my new apartment, I wanted all my visual arts friends and family to create something I could put on my wall… a photograph, a poster, a painting, something creative and personal and unique. Needless to say, no one ended up doing that. Until my brother totally came through for Christmas.

How is this band-related? It’s a badass poster for the group, of course. I’ll try to get a larger image later, but here’s a mini one:

Let me know if this means anything to you visual arts folks:

GrandmasterFaze (10:34:09 PM): what “mixed media” is it?
OMGdamien (10:34:29 PM): the background is paper that has an aged looking print of sheet music
OMGdamien (10:34:37 PM): i splashed some watercolor over that
OMGdamien (10:34:44 PM): then glued it to the canvas
OMGdamien (10:35:05 PM): then i used some white spraypaint and held it upside down to get that dripping look in the background
GrandmasterFaze (10:35:06 PM): sweet, i wanna see it close up
OMGdamien (10:35:32 PM): then the large black area is acrylic paint and the rest of the white and black was done with poster paint markers
OMGdamien (10:35:42 PM): the frame is black duct tape

(that “aged-looking print of sheet music” looks pretty cool in the background, with the musical staffs going vertical. I’m also a fan of the little robot in the upper left!)

The original concept album for the band was a 7-song story (we’ll obviously have more songs on any full-length album), and that story featured some factory and robotic imagery (I’ll get into the story some other time). I’d say the art fits the theme and the band well.

We should easily be able to use this as a concert poster as well, putting the venue name, date and time in the other dark areas.

Merry Christmas to me!