Part 5: Oh hey, what’s going on?

I’m a pretty lazy blogger (let me go on record as saying that I hate the words “blog” and “blogger,” and if anyone uses the word “blogosphere” around me I might explode), so I never did talk about the Muncie gig. In short, despite a couple minor hiccups (hey, it was our first time), we did unexpectedly well and got a lot of kudos from other bands, random people in the crowd, etc. Obviously not from the bartenders, though, since I stood at the bar for an ungodly amount of time waiting to be served. Ungodly.

I think we each made $11 off the night. Doesn’t exactly cover that night’s expenses.

Anyway, for those interested (since no one seems to be willing to make the trip out of town, I’ll assume “nobody”), here’s our upcoming schedule:

Saturday, Dec. 1st: Marion
Friday, Dec. 7th: Lafayette
Friday, Dec. 14th: Muncie

Hotbox me for any details. Note that I’m not really expecting anyone to do that.

I’m still working on getting a show in Indy, but all of the good places want some high-quality demos and we haven’t even been in the studio for ONE yet. We’ll have to find some open mic nights or something. At any rate, I’m pretty satisfied with our progress and our ability to get bookings despite our “newbie” status.