Part 3: A Banner Week

Oh man, the last week has been full of goodness and feel-good-ness and beers and general taking care of business. I’m in one of those “so tired I don’t really know what I’m doing” states, so I figured it would be the perfect time for a bit of a band update:

I. A name, by god, a name. Every time we come up with a band name, I field test it on people I know. For a while I even kept a spreadsheet with band names at the top and people’s names down the left side, and I used Xs (nay) and Os (yay) to denote whether or not that person liked the name. Xs all ’round. Unfortunately (well, not really) the Zombie Dance Party was coming up, as well as a couple of other gigs, and we needed at least a working name. Jordan and Tyler were pretty hooked on having “Casanova” in there somewhere just because it rolled off the tongue easily and brought happy thoughts (I guess). We could never agree on what word would come after (or before) that, though. Casper Casanova? Everyone but Jordan hated it. Casanova Kicks? Ian’s idea, vetoed by everyone not living in Indianapolis. Finally the Muncie guys just put up a MySpace with the name Casanova Dega, which I’m not crazy about, but it does have the advantage of having one person actually say they liked it (hi Natalie!). I’m not going to fight it because I don’t want to go through this whole mess all over again. Find us here. Friend us, hear us, love us.

Actually, you can’t hear us yet. We don’t have any music up. More on that later.

II. Zombie Dance Party
Like I said before, this was definitely the party of the weekend, and I know that various Halloween parties were taking place, as well as the Club Tres party. You missed out. Girl, you just don’t know! At any rate, this was our first full-length live set (having played a whopping three songs at the James Dean festival) and we were very very well-received. It was gratifying after all our hard work these past few months to hear the crowd calling for an encore (which we didn’t have prepared because we’d already played everything we knew as a band), and extra gratifying to hear all the compliments later (especially when Ian said his friends were asking, “Man, who was that drummer? He was awesome!” I’m way too self-critical of my crappy drumming I guess). There’s a metric shit-ton of great photos in Band Photographer Magen’s Facebook profile (the band is still pretty impressed with these photos), and a few up on our MySpace as well.

III. Open Mic Night
So last night we played at Doc’s up in Muncie. Probably not our best renditions of those songs by any means (plus we were missing Ian due to illness), yet 30 seconds after our set ended they offered us Tuesdays. As in, a paying gig every Tuesday for as long as we want it. Well, hell. For a band that’s only been around three and a half months that learned half its set just a couple weeks before, I think that’s pretty damn good. And this isn’t some backwater venue desperate for quality acts; Voltaire played here just a couple weeks ago (and then went out with Jordan and Tyler and got hammered. I loves me some Voltaire). Stereo Deluxe played there last week. I think I saw The Elms on the calendar for tomorrow (sup Thom!). We’re hellishly psyched about this. Hopefully I can get some people to come up this Tuesday so we can at least show up with a monster crowd in tow. That would seem more impressive, yes? All of you come Tuesday. Yes, all of you. Just this once. Please?

IV. We’re finally thinking of getting into the studio soon to record our first and most-polished song, Ghost. People keep asking what we sound like and there’s no way I can really describe it (not that I’m such a perceptive wordsmith to begin with). Yes, all of our songs sound different (but still “us”), but this would at least give people some idea and also give us something to put online.

V. Michael changed our MySpace background to Jordan’s crazy zombie picture and I think it’s hilarious.

EDIT: We’re not playing in Muncie this Tuesday because it was short notice for the other bands we were going to be playing with (and no matter how good or bad we may be, we don’t exactly have three hours’ worth of material just yet). So Tuesday, Nov. 6th, would probably be the start of our weekly rocking.