Part 2: Who We Be

Before I move on to the salient details concerning what, exactly, we sound like, our never-ending quest for the perfect band name, and why Jordan wears so much makeup, I figure I should introduce everyone to the starting lineup:

I met Jordan when he was my little brother’s dorm roommate at Purdue back in the day. I’d see him every once in a while when I was visiting their room from off-campus, but I didn’t really get to know him until my friend Natalie Abell (last name always included because she’s not the “main” Natalie) decided she wanted to be a rock star before she graduated and that it was my job to assemble a band. I recruited Jordan and also a guy named Joe Ray (whom we all came to intensely dislike) and we played some stuff in my garage for a semester. This was the period during which Jordan wrote Exhausperated, but I’ll get to more on our songs later. He’s the first to admit he has a big ego, so I don’t think there’s any problem mentioning that here. He and Tyler make up our main songwriters; Jordan is also our singer and he trades off lead and rhythm guitar with Tyler.

I don’t know too much of Tyler’s history, but I’ve known him off and on for a while and I know that he and Jordan have been friends for quite some time. Whereas Jordan can be a little emo and pessimistic sometimes, Tyler always brings the energy and is ready for some rocking at a moment’s notice. Tyler, as mentioned, does lead and rhythm guitar bits, and also backup vocals.

I know even less about Michael’s past other than that Jordan and Tyler met him while they were working at an Old Navy in Muncie. He’s a good guy who always gives me a big hug, calls my parents “mom and dad” when he’s at my house, and likes his women early and often. Michael plays the more synth-sounding keys, as well as backup vocals, toy accordian and trumpet.

Ian was included in the band at my little brother’s suggestion. I’d met him only a few times before, but I did know he made wonderful brownies. He’s also a musical history genius, the type who can tell you about the different musical movements and why they went the places they went. He also knows a ton about esoteric bands and their labels, especially if it’s older punk or garage rock. Ian plays pretty pretty piano for us, although he started out on bass for the first few practices just because we had no bassist.

Jared is Jordan’s little brother. He was there as Jordan and Tyler first conceived our initial songs, but he was also the last to take an interest and join the band for whatever reason. Jared plays bass and sounds a lot like Chris from Family Guy.

This is me, obviously. I’m the lazy drummer who sits back and twiddles his thumbs while the guitarists teach the keyboardists the chords they came up with. Then once we’re ready to go I play whatever first comes to mind and hope that it works (it usually does).


Mike is my little brother and an honorary band member. He’s in charge of graphic design, creative consultation, and is also our head (and only) roadie. Look for his contributions when we start getting concert posters (he’s done some top-notch ones for bands in Lafayette), album art, etc. He’s been lazy in getting our James Dean festival pictures to me, so here’s a photo of him in Galway, Ireland this past May.