Part 10: Getting LaziER

Okay, so after our show at Mo’s Tavern at the end of March, the band went on hiatus until tonight. Jordan and Tyler have been pushing hard for months to get their cartoon/community website up and that’s been taking up their time and focus. Meanwhile, Foster is officially out of the band because Jordan is a diva who has problems with sweating the small stuff.

It’s going to be tough trying to recreate our sound; Foster’s synth really filled things in and made songs sound bigger, and it’ll be interesting to see if our leaner five-man arrangement can pull off the sound so many people raved about. I’m sure we’ll get things figured out, and it’s nice not having the tension in the band, I guess.

Foster: Australian for “not in the band.”

It sounds like our new focus, among other things, is going to be getting more originals written rather than continuing to incessantly tweak the old ones. The main exception will be rewriting the lyrics to Circus (they were sort of filler to begin with) and the verses to Waste (Jordan can’t remember the lyrics, and he didn’t like them anyway). We also plan to record something soon now that Jordan has some drum mics. It won’t be anything totally professional, but it’ll be better than the shitty audio of Ghost (ripped from a camcorder) that our MySpace is currently sporting.

Tonight was mostly about getting everyone together in one place again and at least cementing the social bond (woo Quizno’s… you can tell Jared and I are in synch as a rhythm section because we both ordered the exact same sandwich but with no black olives, and also selected the same chips). We played through everything we knew (except Robot, which was Foster’s song, and Surrender, which I think everyone but me forgot that we knew. I didn’t say anything, though, because I think it’s kind of a boring song) to see exactly how rusty we’d become, what we’d forgotten entirely (I think Tyler and I were probably the only ones who still remembered how to play every single song), and what sonic space we’d have to fill without big blaring synthetic chords (not that these were bad). I think things will end well.

I’m so very glad to be off hiatus….