PapaD is back!

Papadosio, Dosio, PapaD…no matter how you refer to them, this captivating band from Athens, OH is always full of energetic jams and tantalizing grooves. With a show set for this Friday at the Vogue in Indianapolis, you will have the opportunity to experience them for yourself.

My first encounter with Papadosio came at Wuhnurth 09. As people flooded the main stage looking for Pnuma Trio, they were surprised to find an eclectic foursome spreading some seriously positive vibes. Due to travel issues for Trio, Dosio’s set had been moved up and it didn’t take long for them to show they were more than capable of filling a headlining spot. Each song was executed with confidence and ease…the kind most commonly found in bands who have been touring together for decades, let alone a few years. By the time they covered Chromeo, the crowd was hanging on to every note and, in my opinion, they had successfully taken over Wuhnurth 09.

From there, PapaD has taken to touring the country from one coast to the other and back again; hitting up nearly every notable fest along the way. From side stage performances to headlining gigs, they blend heady electronica riffs and melodic lyrics and never fail to bring positive vibes to every set.

Now a five-piece with the addition of Sam Brouse on keys, they are continuing to take over the Midwest music scene. So far, they are set to play Summer Camp, Wakarusa, All Good, Beer Creek and, of course, their own Rootwire Music & Arts Festival in Logan, OH. Whether playing to a crowd of a few hundred or tens-of-thousands, Papadosio exudes positivity not only through their music, but their way of life as well.

Returning this week from a getaway to the Shimbre Shamanic Center located close to Puerto Maldonado, Peru, Dosio is ready to bring a new perspective on life and music to their fans. Taken directly from their site,

“We have found ourselves in an extremely fortunate position to be in front of thousands of people all the time. We have chosen to express ourselves through lyrical means, and this is something we don’t take lightly. We want to stay on the path, whatever that may mean. This trip to Peru, will provide us with a new perspective, and hopefully allow us to continue to not only get this message across effectively, but keep the message pure of deviation.”

Joining them for the first leg of spring shows is Octopus Nebula. Although I have not seen a live show, I have heard some amazingly good things about this Denver-based band. With Papadosio’s “seal-of-approval,” they are expected to be well received by the Midwest jam scene. Sixdollarsuit will also add their sound to the mix to round out a stellar unifying musical experience!

So, be sure to hit up their show this Friday, March 18th at the Vogue presented by They will definitely help fight off the impending green haze brought on by St. Patty’s Day festivities.

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Until then, be safe my friends.