Pamfilios Italian Restaurant – Village of West Clay

Nestled in Carmel’s Village of West Clay is a gem of a restaurant. The recreated 19th century city street scene called the Village Center is home to Pamfilios Italian Restaurant, a warm, friendly place that is so elegantly appointed that first-time visitors may think they have wandered into a sumptuous private club. But Pamfilios is open to the public and ready to serve both Village of West Clay residents and the public at large some of the best Italian food and seafood in the area served in a cozy, intimate atmosphere with moderate prices.
Boasting a new wine list and daily specials to compliment the regular entrees, Pamfilios features traditional southern Italian recipes, including chicken, veal and eggplant Parmesan, as well as chicken and veal Marsala. Daily seafood specials are sure to please landlocked Hoosiers with amazing fresh seafood concoctions.
If you have children then Pamfilios is right up your alley. The children’s menu, offers a personal pizza, as well as a choice of any of Pamfilios seven types of pasta with any choice of their sauces. Children can also select from homemade macaroni and cheese, a kid’s burger or chicken tenders served with fresh cut fries.
Fresh bread accompanies each meal and is served with a unique olive spread which is a mixture of green and Italian olives and olive oil with Italian spices.

Looking for something new and fresh give them a try with over 59 chain restaurants why not support a locally owned and operated establishment. Trush me the wife / girlfriend / friend will love the location, outdoor seating and cozy look inside.

12819 E. new market st
carmel ( in the village of west clay)
131st and towne rd


Pamfilios Dine in menu

Pamfilios Carry Out menu