Pacers Draft Party – a Recap

At approximately 8:30pm in a packed Conseco Fieldhouse full of Pacers fans, cheerleaders, and players, the Indiana Pacers began their 2010-2011 season with the 10th pick of the NBA Draft: Paul George (F), Fresno State. Who is Paul George, you may ask? By the reaction of the crowd, you wouldn’t be the only one curious, so here are some fast facts to help you get to know the 2010 Number 10 Draft Pick of the Indiana Pacers.

  • He’s 6’8″, 215lbs and has a near 7 foot wingspan
  • He’s a 90% free throw shooter and is 35% outside the arc
  • Playing for Fresno State, he averaged 17PPG and seven rebounds per game
  • He was very impressive in workouts with the Pacers and is widely considered to be one of the most athletic players in the 2010 draft class
  • So his stats aren’t amazing and he’s not the point guard that the Pacers so desperately needed, but let’s face it: with what was ultimately a pretty underwhelming draft class, George is a high-risk and high-reward pick with tons of upside. George has tremendous potential once he gets his defensive game up to par and gets worked into the system. So while George does not represent a monumental leap forward for the Pacers, he’s a definitely step in the right direction as the Pacers work themselves towards becoming a more athletic and overall competitive team around the budding superstar that is Danny Granger.

    If nothing else, fans should be excited by the Pacers’ willingness to break their habits over the last couple of years. Instead of looking for the safe, experienced college players, they’re going after someone who’s young and has plenty left to prove on the court. Maybe that motivation for George will provide the extra spark they need to get back on track this year.

    And besides, many of you questioned who Granger was when he was drafted in 2005, too! So hold onto your hats, fans, it’s going to be a fun season watching how George fits into the offense and gets the Pacers back into the playoffs!