Oreo Jones "Guiding Light" ft. Jookabox

I’m a HUGE fan of both of these artists, so when I found an email about this release in my inbox, it was like Chrismas a whole month early.

I never just copy and paste press releases, but this one was so well-written, I took it directly from Heavy Gun. Enjoy!

What do you get when you combine one of the hottest up-and-coming hip-hop emcees with a powerhouse indie rock band? In a word, a jam! The new single “Guiding Light” is a feel good song that seamlessly blends the clever word play of Oreo Jones with the psychedelic vibes of Jookabox. From the onset of Jookabox’s infectious instrumental, the listener is compelled to nod their head, so by the time Oreo begins his first verse, they’re ready to follow wherever his rhymes may lead. “Guiding Light” is the lead single from Oreo’s upcoming Oreo Jones and Friends EP.

With the holidays upon us, it only feels right to give back to the community. In that spirit, for his upcoming Oreo Jones and Friends EP, Oreo has joined forces with X103, Butler Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Heavy Gun Recordings to assist VH1’s Save The Music. Protecting music programs in our schools is a cause near and dear to Oreo as his mother and aunts are public school teachers. The project features collaborations between Mr. Jones and Jookabox, Woodhands, Pravada, We Are Hex, Laura Balke, Grey Granite, and J. Brookinz. The EP will be released on January 13th for free, with listeners being encouraged to donate whatever possible to Save the Music. The release will also be accompanied by a free show and benefit auction at Local’s Only that night.

Oreo Jones + Jookabox – Guiding Light by OreoJones