Optical Popsicle: A Visual Variety Show

What would you do if you saw these guys walking down the same street as you? How about if they interrupted your dinner with a dance routine set to Michael Jackson? Click for Monsters caught on Indianapolis streets by KNOW NO STRANGER on Vimeo.

After viewing Optical Popsicle‘s debut show at The Earth House tonight, I feel it necessary to share this information with as many people I can reach:

WARNING! Optical Popsicle contains all of the following: overhead projectors, guitars, laughter, stories that engage quickly, stories that end abruptly, film clips, rocket flies, poetry, singing, dancing, shadows, dubbed over movie clips, music, silhouettes, creativity, acting, reading, tambourines, masked characters, and lots of pretending.

Optical Popsicle’s self-description: A visual variety show involving simple but creative art ranging from music to performance to video. The performances involve whimsical shadow puppets, creative skits, and clever music.

The skits are short, making each moment exciting and never stale. The ever-changing scenes and stories leave the viewer on the edge of their seat wondering what will come next. The answer to this question is always the same, though: laughter or joy in one form or another. Creativity, on a ten point scale, is a 25 with Optical Popsicle. Visual art, performance art, music, and film meet up to play together when Optical Popsicle’s parent, Know No Stranger makes the play dates. And then shit really gets crazy.

The most inspiring moment came not during, but after the evening’s performance. As the narrator closed the show, he asked one thing of the audience: Will you please stop saying there’s nothing to do in Indianapolis? If there’s not something for you to do, go out and make something happen.

Learn by example, Indy. Know No Stranger and Optical Popsicle are simply the fruits of the labor of a group of friends and local artists who wish to do something productive and motivating with themselves, their time, and their talent. And, to our delight, this is only the beginning