On A Lighter Note…

To make up for my last, rather angry, blog posting (which has been DELETED since it was perhaps a little too angry, and because a 24 year old man was found dead in the parking lot of this particular east side establishment today), check this shizzle out! Went to LIZARDS on Friday, and saw LUNCH AMONG CANNIBALS (pretty good even though it was mostly covers) WILL WOODROW PROJECT (which is always awesome and seems to have gotten increasingly better out of the 4 times I’ve seen them in the past month), and a fuckin’ killer band I’ve never had a chance to see before by the name of CASUAL INTERRUPTION.

It’s WOODROW’s guitar player’s (Matt) other band. Very smooth and melodic. If you get a chance, check these dudes out because they were pretty great (even if it was mostly covers).