Old School Gripes….

So today I was called into work 4 hours early and then stuck in a booth because 4 people decided to call into work today. It’s not really that bad( if you have a good book, a dvd player, a newspaper or a few magazines) but if not it can get really really boring. As was today. So after I finished my book, read the newspaper did the crossword and suduko I got to thinking of stuff that annoyed me. Things I came across on the drive in and seemingly run into daily.

1. People that don’t acknowledge you or respond to a gesture/greeting/etc. This happens all the time when I am giving a lunch break or something like that.

Car comes up.
Me: “hello, how are you doing today?”
Customer: “……”
Me: “that’ll be two dollars.”
Customer: “….”
Me: *hands back change* “have a nice day.”
Customer: *drives off*

(In a Michelle Tanner voice) How ruuuuuude. Sure I took your two dollars, but you know what, I did it with a nice fuckin smile so when someone says something nice to you get off your high horse and say something nice back. If not becuase it would make your pathetic life better do it for the other person who isn’t trying to be everything that is wrong with the world.

2. People who talk on the phone. Constantly. This is one that I noticed this morning, not that I hadn’t before, but one that just hit me. People are always on their cell. From when they wake up, to the car ride into work, til their cigarette break, til lunch, til the moment they clock out of work, til the drive home, til inbetween bites of your dinner that night. Let me tell you, 80% of your life isn’t so interesting someone wants to know about all of it. My god, if cell phones were knocked out for a week people would be zombies. It’s really kind of sickening. Then again this is from the guy who hates talkin on the phone so much that he went over his 1000 texts per month. By 1300.

3. People who say “funner.” It’s not a word. Don’t use it. Ever. Bad grammar makes you look like a retard. Sorry to the retard reading this who even he is smart enough not to use the word “funner.”

4. People who are constantly late. If you say you are going to be somewhere at 5, be there at 5. If you have an interview at 9, be there at 8:40. If someone is holding seats for you at a bar for a game don’t show up at tip-off when that persons been there 4 hours before tip-off to hold you a seat. Be there as soon as you can. You being a lazy ass on the sofa is not an excuse.

5. People who don’t take work seriously. I know I don’t have the most intriguing job to everyone but I do enjoy it, and I do everything at 100%. I don’t slack off when I’m at work if there are things that need to be done. I don’t call in sick all that often. I’m one of the most “immature” people out there but you’ll never find someone else doing MY job. Work hard, play harder.