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I will just copy/paste my Louisville MoJo blog HERE for you guys to read too.

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Here ya go-

From a forums thread/On Topic LVMJ

“If you were the richest person in the world what would you do with it?”


“If I were a rich man…

OH wow…. what a question.

Let me think for one moment-

If I were the richest person in the world I would not know what to do with all that money.
Honestly. Seriously.
Why? Because I really do not ever think I would be comfortable OR any happier being rich.
It’s just a whole different assortment of headaches, ya know?

Well off is good. Well off would be NICE. Not having to stress over bills or if I am going to be able to feed my kids this month or pay the gas man so Yeah..
to be COMFORTABLE financially would be fantastic but RICH?

Ummm… NO- I will pass.

So if I were the richest person in the world I would give it away!
Why not?
What would I do with it all anyway?
I think even TRYING to spend it all on myself would be SO boring after awhile SO instead I would just be a very generous philanthropist and give it to worthy causes, charities, persons of need and of course, my beloved friends and family.

I would pay off my sisters’ mortages, and buy them each a nice car. I would put money into my childrens’ and their children’s college funds AND into their colleges.
I would help my friends out in any way I could.
I would donate a goodly sum to the hospital where I work, to Southern Rehab in New Albany, to our county pound and to the Southern Indiana Equine Rescue and IMPS.
I would give a chunk to my daughter’s Pony Club, and my other daughter’s HS band, and our school. Another HUGE amount would go to the American Cancer Society and other charities too like the ones that help people with surgeries/heathcare problems they cannot afford and a BUUKUU amount to St. Judes’ in Memphis.

I would really have a SOUP KITCHEN and I would love every minute of it!

I would sit about writing checks to persons and programs that need this money more than I ever will and when my fingers grew tired of this task from time to time, I would take nice holidays and travel…


to all the places my eyes would SO love to SEE and my bare toes long to sink into the dust of…

Places such as Scotland, Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, The Yukon, Italy just to name a few.

I would also learn to swim and to fly a plane and I would have a nice boat. Not a ginormous yaht but just one large enough I would feel comfy in it and not too overly spaced or cramped. One with lots of rigging and a steering wheel and a crew of sharp looking menfolk to cater to me and my guests.

Of course I would have to insist on dragging my friends around the world with me too so it would have to be big enough they can have nice rooms and a galley large enough to feed them all!

And of course..

THEY would have to do the bloody dishes!

And I would NEVER EVER EVER wear another pair of shoes again!


Posting Number ONE in and DONE! :D