Oh MySpace I had almost forgotten ….

… why I stopped signing in everyday. And then you reminded me with 4 new messages in my Inbox. The first three were basically “ur hot, have a bf?”

This one was my favorite. He really got into it!

“wow right from the start i gotta say you look amazing ;) i must say though out of your entire bangin body those eyes are the best. soulful and almost hypnotic ;) FYI my friends know how straight forward i can be but since you don’t i’ll warn you in advance lol. i have a tendency to speak my mind for better or worse so if you can’t handle someone whos up front stop reading now lol. that being said please tell me that with that body you are a thong chick. and if so what color are you styling today? i must know lol. it would be a shame if you weren’t lol. almost a crime actually. just thinking about it makes me want to bend you over a table and have some fun together. well hit me up Michelle ;)”

Thanks james, but I’ll be keeping my undergarment preferences to myself!