Oh my gosh, Racism all around me

Sometimes the people that I work with floor me.

I was having lunch yesterday with 3 of my coworkers-2 white, 1 black girl. The conversation turned to babies. And then to how the white women couldn’t tell if black babies were male or female. The black girl quickly admitted that she could not tell if a white baby was a boy or girl. COME ON PEOPLE. No one can tell with little babies-black, white or fuckin purple. Babies are pretty androgynous until people start shoving them into gendered clothing. This conversation inevitably moved to-you guys all look the same to me. The whole time I’m just sitting there like “Wow, just racist all over the place.”

I legit don’t think any of these ladies are racist. But what a racist conversation. For the record, most people look pretty different to me, even if they share a skin tone.

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