OH… IO!!

This weekend was awesome! How we fit so many fun things into 2 days is beyond me, but somehow we made it happen and had a blast:)

I twisted Hup’s arm into coming with me to a wedding in Ohio on Saturday, so we left late night after a nail biting victory (or forfeit) in dodgeball. Our first stop, Cedarville,Ohio…home of my alma mater Cedarvillle University! 3a.m. and here we come, pulling into the little town of wonder. After a grueling game of dodgeball and a 3 hour trip we were a little tired so we soon crashed on my friend’s couches for a little rest. Suddenly we both began to smell somethin a little foul…upon turning on the lights we realized that the new little puppy had decided to take a little poo allll over the living room floor!! Ryan stepped in poop and I got poop on my hands.. but somehow we managed to sort of clean up the disaster without losing our cookies or dying from laughter haha!

We woke up to some Cedarville homecoming love including a breakfast at the infamous beans n’ cream and a homecoming parade. Holly my old roomie is an incredible graphic design artist and her senior art exhibit was in full swing this weekend, so we had the opportunity to go and check out some of her work while we caught up and had a few laughs. Later I showed Ryan around the “huge” campus and enjoyed some more of the homecoming festivities.

Now, onto the wedding. We arrived a little more than fashionably late… like so late that we were just in time to see the bride and groom kiss and walk down the aisle:) Thank goodness for our poor time judgement though because the insane October heat would’ve left us scorched if we had been made to sit through the entire outdoor wedding! I was re-united with some old high school friends and family and had a blast at the reception! A combination of an open bar and crazy friends resulted in one heck of a time. The groom rapped a little on the mic.. we danced like fools… and Ryan and my friend Adam carried the groom around on a chair for 3 full rotations of the locomotive…. UNREAL!!! Now how many times have you seen that happen at a reception?!?

A little tired from the crazy dancing and definitely hot and sweaty, we decided that going out in downtown Columbus would be a great idea. So, random as we are, we trecked down to good ol’ high street to take in some Ohio state action. Of course we had no idea of where we would stay that night.. but things always work out right?! We ended up at the Ugly Tuna and ran into a few of my friends from C-ville and rocked out the bar until we closed it down. As I mentioned before things always work out and we stayed with my friend Jaime who came to the rescue:)

Early Sunday morning came, and we left the great state of Ohio to come back to our beloved Indy. I topped off the weekend with a visit to the RCA dome to watch our Colts take in another victory and called it a night.

Can’t really beat that for a weekend of fun!! Road trips rock!!