Idris Elba plays a man who seems to have it all. The perfect family, complete with wife Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) and son. A great job, good friends, a nice house. When a lovely temp (Ali Larter) is hired into his office as a secretary and begins dismantling his life, all those things are thrown into peril.

As the film moves to it’s fairly obvious conclusion (and if you somehow missed the ad campaigns, you’ll probably STILL be able to guess where it’s all going), the talented cast (aided by the fat kid from Stand By Me, er, that is, Jerry O’Connell) stays game enough to just make it all work. In a way, anyway

I saw the preview for this and was like “oh god, another Beyonce movie?”, I wonder how this will turn out. Luckily I wasn’t the one that rented it AND it was a free rental so I didn’t feel bad for the other party as well.

Basically, this movie is Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, the Hand that Rocks the Cradle…all rolled into one. The difference? Those were all classics and…well…good movies.

The acting was extremely subpar and I believe I even fell asleep through part of it. It was just one bad scene after another. The bright side was…Beyonce wasn’t really in that much of the movie. Thank God…her acting skills make me want to punch babies and then drop kick them off a cliff…only to Wiley Coyote them with a big freakin’ boulder.

Overall, it was very predictable. Pretty F’d up in some spots and I’ll give it credit for that, good overall story, even if it has been done a 100 times before. I’m gonna give it a 1.5/4* …only watch it if you’re suckered into it, which if you’re reading this…I pray that it never happens to you!!

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