Nothing to do with smoke free

So, I rode the Hilly Hundred for the first time this weekend in Southern Indiana. Well, I rode my version, “The Hilly 55 or So” after some mechanical problems which disabled me from riding the second day.

WARNING!!: This is not a beginner race, but yet I did it anyway. It was VERY encouraging to see many “elders”, like 60+, riding these treacherous hills. They were even PASSING me!
I was thinking to myself while going 1 mph up a hill, desperately trying not to tip over: if they can do, I surely can.

So, that was most of my weekend. So, not much drinking when you have to bike 50 miles the next day. I did get a good butt massage out of the deal from my boyfriend. He didn’t have many complaints when I asked.

Maybe we can get a group of Mofo’s to ride together next year and get some cool cycling jerseys made? Proper training is a few months. Anyone in? Isn’t there a “MoJo Personal Trainer” on here somewhere?

Other than that, so excited to hear that Matisyahu is back in town. I saw them at the SMOKE FREE stage on the Lawn last year with 311. Sorry, had to get that in there. They stole the show!