Not too drunk, not to sober

Ok, so Prom night is over. Smiley Prom that is. I have a million thoughts about last night, but I will give you just the surface ones.

I spent part of game night on a conference call for work, so I missed alot of that, and work kept lingering on my mind all evening. I get to PF Changs, the assigned meeting place for the big Mojo group going, and not only is it packed and I can’t find my group, but my group isn’t coming!!! A bunch of people bailed on this, and maybe some didn’t but we couldn’t reach them, no phone number. So it ends up being just me and Amanda (sWell). So, we go somewhere less busy, O’Charleys. I started drinking to try to loosen up. On one hand, despite what I am telling her, I am a bit nervous about the evening too. On the other, I am wise enough by now not to give two shits about what anyone other than my friends thinks, and at times I want to tell them to shove it.

Her brother DD’s us over to this shindig, which I owe him big for. Damn, I am so glad I didn’t pop for a limo for the Mojo crew, what with no one being there.

I think we were there about an hour before finding IndyMichelle and some of her friends. That was all the people I know at that thing, and oddly enough, I had met Michelle once in the past, which I may or may not have hit on her…not sure.

Everyone at this thing looked great. Of course I looked even better =P. Most women were wearing black dresses, with the occasional red one. Of course I am with the most gorgeous girl there, and the only one in a white dress, so I barely noticed anyone else…pssst, yes, I mean sWell here.

BTW, guys, this thing runs about 3 girls for every guy, and at least 1 out of those three, looked to be single, looking, and hot…just for future reference. I’m just saaaayinnnnng!

One note for next year, bring a bottle in my jacket, or a flask. They had mostly well alcohol there, and I mean the cheap stuff. Ya, you avid drinkers and bartenders know what I mean. Deej’s was a high dollar night club compared to …. not a good comparison, cause Deej’s liquor selection is just baddass anyway. You get my drift. So, we did a couple shots of rotgut tequila early, and vowed not to try that again. I asked for Patron, but no dice. So, I need a flask of Patron, and a water bottle of either Pink Lemonade and Vodka or Miami Long Islands.

I got Amanda to dance a bit, which made me feel better about the evening. I think she would have regretted not dancing. Wait, no, she was dancing with me so it’s a regrettable experience either way…DOH!

We end up calling it a night a bit early. I didn’t mind. Michelle and her roommate had already left, and we had Amanda’s bro come pick us up. We go back to the house and watch some…what was it, South Park, while we sober up. She is tired and ready to crash…mhm…which is why I see posts on the forum after 3am, huh =). So, she takes me back to my car, and it is only about 2am. I stopped at a little bar about a block from my house to show off my suit a little. No, I didn’t drink more. I didn’t need liquid courage anymore. Then it was home to bed.