NonStopFun in the Mornings Here!

Once upon one morning this week; I was sleeping but then the kids got up for school and I was awake after they left.

I however, continued to lay there with the dogs
(3 MiniPins- Tate/Rosita/Phoenix & a Poodle- Candy)
and three cats petting them for awhile.

Yes, they were all piled on the bed b/c they do that with me for some reason.

It was all fine and dandy until Polly (a bigger dog) wandered in the bedroom and decided she was going to climb up on the bed too.

The three minipins all jumped up (ON ME) to give Polly the ‘what for’ which made me yell b/c of their little pointy feeties drilling into my body,
which made Spooky my cat mad so she swatted Tate
who snapped at her and so
Spooky took it out on another cat, ChiChi who in turn hissed at
the other cat Kyoko who in turn jumped off the bed,
landed on Polly who yelped b/c of Kyoko’s claws
which pissed off Phoenix who then jumped on my face,
so I pushed him onto the floor
but he landed on ChiChi who jumped on the bed to get away from him successfully landing on
RositaBonitaBananaFanana who in turn fell off the bed
and at that point I said


Candy was the only smart one of the bunch, she just laid there and laughed at the riot.
The guinea pig in his cage however, started shrieking his fool head off and I am SO very happy that Stella (another big dog) was outside on her chain and Esme was upstairs in my daughter Zara’s bedroom with her kittens.

and Sooooooooooooo my day began!