NFC Picks

With the NFL season quickly approaching the end of the season, when doesn’t it move fast, I am going to break down the NFC conference, division winners and which team will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Let me know if you disagree.

NFC East:

In the NFC East there is a tight race for 1st place. The Giants are 8-4 and so are the Eagles. You have the Redskins, who have a very slight chance, but I believe they are all but out!!! Sorry Cameron! I see the Giants coming out of this one as the division winner. I don’t know what it is but they either start off fast and fail towards the end of the season or they do the exact opposite. They have two straight wins under their belts, even though they have the tougher schedule ahead…I think they pull it off as much as I hate to admit.

NFC North:

Another tight race is going on in the North between Da Bears and the Packers. The Bears hold a game over the Packers, plus having beat them once already, is leading the head to head match-up. They both have some difficult games coming up, as well as playing each other once more, which is in Green Bay at the end of the season. It is likely this will be a very important game and who wants to play in Green Bay at the time of the year? Brrrrrrrr. However, the Bears are on a 5 game win streak and I see them coming out on top!

NFC South:

To me the toughest division this year! You have three teams that have winning records, one on the downfall right now, but nevertheless, still in the mix. Even though this is a really close division I think the Falcons have the easier road here. They still have to play the Panthers…twice, who by the way has only won a single game. Its hard to go against the Saints but I believe they are beat out in this division race this year. Falcons come out on top.

NFC West:

From the best to worst in the conference, this division has two teams that have .500 records and they are on top. When teams inside a division are so close with their records, but suck…it makes it hard to decide who will suck the least! I can rule out the 49ers because they play the Chargers still and another game against Seahawks who killed them early in the year. So that would leave the Seahawks and the Rams and in the end, the division winner is only going to have a 8-8 record. Since the Rams have a half a game over the Seahawks already and they still play at the end of the season, that game will go to the Rams as well, so the Rams come out the winner. However, it will be short lived since they will be beat in the 1st round.

Wild Card Team:

This one is a little easier to pick since the Eagles and the Saints were left out. I think these two teams are the wild card teams and to be honest will end up making noise in the playoffs!

Conference Winner:

I dont think the Saints will repeat this year and the Eagles will start playing unbeatable football. As long as Vick stays healthy they will be the team to represent the NFC this year. Vick brings more play making ability to the field than most quarterbacks in the league and he has my vote this year for MVP. Taking his team to the Super Bowl will only solidify that to me.

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