New Years Eve 07′

So yesterday (New Years Eve, as if you couldn’t read the title), I had to fly to Washington DC and back again that night. I truly have never gotten a good picture of what we fly past everytime we go into there. This time was different though, because it was actually a beautiful day outside and I had a nice new little camera phone to play with! (Thanks again IndyMojo!) So as we were coming in I reached over and took several photos of the scenary HOPING something would come out. And I’ll be damned if I didnt grab one of the coolest photos I have ever taken! Obviously the photo is of the Washington Monument, just check out the reflection in the water! And yes this is actually how close we get to all this stuff when we come in and land. Pretty crazy, right?
Anyways, this picture and a bunch more can been seen in bigger form in my new Scenic Photo Gallery I just posted. In there are just photos I have taken and will continue to take of just great scenary.
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Good Times