New poem (feedback please)…this is not a bash on anyone

I cannot take full credit for this poem
Because your eyes looked into my mind
Found the extent of my vocabulary
Searched for every analogy and metaphor I could muster
Then sent your beauty to my hand
So it could transcend the ink in my pen
So that I could write a picture of you
The paper in front of me shifted and reshaped itself
To resemble the softness of your skin
The light in which I use to write this poem
Glowed brighter and warmer until it became your smile
The chair I’m sitting in embraced me
Becoming your loving arms as it hugged me
My drink fell over and the liqueur inside poured across the table
Moving in anything but a straight line to resemble your curves
And the thought of you messed with my mind
More than the alcohol
But damn did it make me feel drunk with love
I felt the room spin
Shifting into whatever last scene we spent together
Basically, what I’m trying to say
Is that since I started feeling for you
My whole world has become altered
Into some glorious mosaic of you and me
The thought of your magnificence has crept into my writing
So that when I search my mind for inspiration
You keep popping up over and over again
But you see, there’s a problem
You don’t exist
I am yet to find a woman who can touch me in this way
This poem is a soul searching experiment
To try to figure out what in the hell I want in a woman
Because I just can’t seem to find one that makes me happy
Then again, maybe I just fuck things up
And it’s all my fault I haven’t found that girl for me
See, there I go again
What I need to do is find a grown woman
And not an older girl
Quit with the bars that are the hot college hangouts
Clubs full of the