New IndyMojo Skin Design Now in BETA

If you’re still using the old IndyMojo skins, you may notice a cute little bunny in the top left of your screen. If you follow the rabbit into his hole, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a really old reference and an announcement about a new site skin!

We’ve been listening to new members for a long time who mention that IndyMojo is sometimes cumbersome to navigate and difficult to know where to go. We’re slowly going to be unleashing new updates and site changes to hopefully improve our interface and make it easier for new members to have as much fun as the regular Mofos are having.

Please help us out by not only checking out the new skin, but also commenting on it. Once you make the change, you’ll notice a “Feedback” tab to the left which will be present on every page. As soon as you have a thought, please don’t hesitate to click it and send us a message!

With your help, we’ll continue to improve your favorite local playground.

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