New Hills to climb! You coming?

Nope, I’m not a climber, only figuratively speaking. Sometimes I think I’m the only one my age who is still interested in fun and frolicking! Where are all of the seniors? I’ve checked out the senior sites and find only people who are lethargic. Where are the fun seniors? Why do I always end up with people 10-20 years younger than myself? OOPS! Guess I answered that with what I’ve said so far. How come I forgot to grow old? Is my grow old button broken??

Younger is good, but I like hanging out with my peers, too. If and when I can find them. Where are you, fun peers? I know you’re not all over the hill yet. This is my first blog. Thought it would be fun to chronicle my search for new hills to climb and new people to climb them with. Each new person I meet will be one step up the hill. Each new poem I write, each new song I fall in love with, each new sunrise and sunset that I observe, each new blossom that draws my attention, each new sight of sun glistening on the dew of morning fresh grass! All will be another step up the hill. When one is conquered, I’ll find another one to climb.

I wonder what this site holds for me? Will I meet that one last love of my life? (No marriage for me, though!) Will I meet friends who are compatible with my lifestyle? Only time will tell.Is anyone here over 50? I’m afraid to say over 60, ’cause I’m pretty sure none here. Prove me wrong! Questions, questions, questions! Today is June 9, 2008. My very first blog. Let the adventure begin.