new here

SO I joined this trying to find more classifieds to find some musicians so I can start up a band
not alot of luck so far

anywayz, my name is Gypsy, I am a recent transplant from Los Angeles California, I been here for 4 months.

here is the ad I been putting out, any musicians reading this intereseted feel free to contact me, any one who just wants to talk, you can contact me too,,,

Ok here is the deal

I got songs

I got a distribution Deal

I even have connects for shows

Now I need band mambers

YOU: 18-45, male or female, any race, ain’t afraid to do something strange or differant, open minded, beginners to pros, even if you in a band already & just want to do a side project. Need guitars, bass, drums & keys

ME: I am a vocalist, songwriter the band is Disasterpeice Theater, this will be a visual pnk, metal, goth, death rock, tpe band with a visual kei feel. Influences range from Misfits & samhain to DIr en Grey, anathema, Christian Death to Murder Dolls, Wednesday 13, Despair rays & the Gazzette

drop me a line here or call me @ 323 382 9672 or 317 788 6536