New Eating Program to lose some weight

SO I’ve started the 6 week body makeover today (eat more often to get metabolism up) A LOT of the things they say makes sense….finally. I’ve been plateaued for quite a few months after losing 60 pounds on my own and thought it was time to lose the rest I want to… This program sounded like things that have worked for me in the past but to a more tailored degree….so why not give it a go? I’ve never really ate bad…but have always been bigger… I’m tired of the misconceptions people have about me and want to lose some more to help make me feel better. It sounds like it will work really well so here’s hoping! I’m very disciplined when there is something I want…

If anyone wants to walk or anything, let me know! Always looking for people to walk with. Even though I’m big I’m not really out of shape…which sounds dumb…but it’s true. The program is all about eating more and working out less. You only workout twice a week…but can walk as much as you want…sooooo….let me know!

Wish me luck!