Ndamukong Suh

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Ok…I don’t know how much more I can take of all these BS calls this year or even in the last couple years. All these rule changes about being too rough in football???? I mean please!! This is a rough sport, people get hit and they get hit hard! What is next?? Are they going to turn the NFL into a touch or flag football league? I am getting fed up with seeing guys fined when there is no reason they should be and then see guys with a similar play or hit not even have a flag thrown!!

Ndamukong Suh for the Lions was fined 15K for a hit he made on Jay Culter of the Bears this past week. Now I know 15K doesn’t mean much to him and that’s fine…..but this is a ridiculous call from the NFL. Cutler is the QB for the Bears and on this play he was forced out of the pocket and started to run down field. Suh came across field and reached out as Cutler was leaning HEAD first and Suh caught him with an forearm that extended out to be more like a push. I watch the replay over and over and it was not to his head, it was to the back of his shoulder pads! If this would have been in the backfield, I would say fine….good call, but Cutler was a runner at that point and he knows the rules just like everyone else. You slide, they cant touch you…you have giving up, but dive forward or put your head down and you are now a runner and fair game.

I just think its getting ridiculous how football is turning into this ” you hit him too hard” game. Yes I know the game has changed! The guys are bigger & faster, but the equipment they wear is better as well. Overall, I still enjoy football with the passion, but things like this just make me wonder where the sport will be in 15 years.

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