Mystery magical Beer

Okay! so it was early morning yesterday, and i was just relaxing at home. There were a lot of people just kind of walking around, i guess talking to neighbors and whatever the hell they were doing. So i’m online and drinking some good old fashion Foldgers, (the best part of waking up ya know) ANYWAY so i decide to take a shower (this may seem like the story is dragging on, but wait for it) WAIT FOR IT. so i get out of the shower, and there is banging on my door, and i’m like hold on a second i’m in a towel. Because i’m totally not answering a door in a towel, i mean come on. so when i finally get to the door and look through the peep hole there is no one there, so i’m like fine whatever. so i open the door, and sitting there is a case of beer with the words HAPPY THANKSGIVING written on it, i look down the hall and EVERY single apartment has a case of beer sitting outside. FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!!! I don’t know who did this or what not but KEEP THAT TRADITION ALIVE!!! and hey Christmas is coming :)