My wonderful weekend!

ooook, so, I’m not much of a blogger…never really have been (hey, we can’t all be like Ryan Hupfer) BUT I thought, new website new hobby! blogging. yay!

This weekend started off with a bang-literally. Let me explain… Friday I was running some errands with a friend on the south side. We were at the intersection of 31 and Emerson drivin along…doodoodoo… when we see a man get out of his ghetto van and walk up to the truck behind him. Being the nosy people that we are, we decide to gaulk. Excellent decision on our part. It was Jerry Springer mid-intersection! The dude that got out of his van punched the guy in the truck, repeatedly. The guy in the truck proceeds to quickly get out of his truck, run to the back, fly through the hatchback to grab something. I’m thinking, holy crap! what’s he going to pull out?! yeah, it’s a lead pipe. as the other dude is getting back into his truck, the little lead piped guy comes running up the road and starts beating the van guy with it! scandal. The van guy started to drive away… we didn’t stick around for the cops. dahang! I wanna know, what possesses people to become so violent and have such strong physical road rage? are we done giving the finger? shouting our a few curse words to get through our anger? has EVERYONE turned to lead pipe beatings?? I wanna know if anyone out there has physically gotten into a fight with someone over a little tailgating… please do tell :)

After that little fiasco, we headed to St Elmo’s for a quick dinner, and then to get makeovers at Nordy’s! that was fun. and what perfect timing, we were able to go out right after with our newly polished faces :) to where else? the tavern… and then mineshaft. Saturday we went lounging at the pooooool all day to catch some rays. Then to a cookout and the Rathskellar for some amazing beer and fun. I must admit, I was a first timer. it was SO fun! love the music, and the atmosphere, and the beer…duh. Sunday was filled with brunch at Hoaglin’s and some more rays. Sadly, I am finishing off my weekend at work (my current location) Back to the real world…