My Wild Weekend

Well my weekend started early on Thursday when one of my clients called me to ask me if I would like to go to the NFL kickoff game. I had great lower level seats and watched a great game. Friday night I endured the other end of the football spectrum, High School football. Our Manual Redskins didn’t win, but my defensive backs did score our only TD of the game. Saturday Night one of my closest friends had his bachelor party and that’s exactly what we did. A group of 15 crazy men is something to see. We went out to eat and then the limo took us all over Indy. We hit the club scene and racked up our shots count. I don’t really remember the end of the night, but I was one of six guys who made it the whole night. The bachelor did make as well, but it was the most he has ever drank in his life. Lastly, I spent Sunday enjoying the worlds greatest sport….FOOTBALL! I had a flag football game and then relaxed the rest of the day with some of the fellas watching the rest of the NFL games. YES!