My weekend was awesome because…

Every weekend is usually full of awesomeness since ive joined mojo…
this past one was no exception…here’s a little rundown!

My night started off with my dog park buddies bundled around a bonfire. there we enjoyed summer stories, hot scotchlate (hot chocolate and buttershots), hot dogs and of course smores.

I then headed to Mojo’s new Friday night pregame spot, MugShots, in Broad Ripple. There we enjoyed beer pong, live music, dancing, and Mug Shots (jager & rootbeer).

Some of the crew (Lish, The Rob, Jingles & myself) then hit Broad Ripple up in style thanks to Jess. We rolled up to Landsharks in a borrowed limo and got our dance on!!

I was attacked by the Landsharks stamp and then Lish and I enjoy some wonderful Hot Box breadstix!!

I had to start the day with some cleaning before i got the call to head to the costume shop…little did i know that would be an experience all on its own.

At the costume shop i got to witness Jingles as a pilgram and Hup…well as a turkey!! it was super fun!!

after some subway with the boys, i ran some errands, finished up cleaning, and then showered.

After 7, the girls (Lish, Tam, Steph, Aimee, and Kyra) began to show up for girls night in! it was one of the best nights ever!! we experimented with martinis (the chocolate one ended up with kahlua, nesquik, and milk in it before the night was over!), had pizza rolls, cheetos, chips and dip, and enough chocolate to make a childrens hospital happy!!

we started the night with a game of apples to apples, where we found it didnt really matter if it made sense…i suck at that game!! Next, True Colors…we had to vote for someone that we felt fit the question the most. Here we learned that Kyra is the one we want to check our parachute before we jump, I’m wanted as everyone’s child, Steph is the one everyone wants on their trialon team…it was a fun time!! We began to run through the cards…so we hit the internet…after a beer run of course!

On the net, we discovered the “Would you rather?” website. Here we spent a good 4 hours going through numerous pages of pure nastiness!! we were up until 4 in the morning laughing until our stomachs hurt!!

After a couple of the girls jetted, Lish and I enjoyed some pizza while we yelled at the colts! thankfully we won!!

next, nap time and then cleaning. now, just blogging away until i feel i am tired enough to sleep…in a couple hours probably!!

Cant wait for Mojo Night Football!!