My weekend was awesome because…


Left work early because i was sick, spent an hour at the doctor, and got three meds. went home did some homework, took my meds, and passed out for about 6 hours. Woke up, didnt do too much, and basically was a couch potato all night!!


Up early to head back to my old stomping grounds for my 6 year high school reunion. I got to see and visit with people i have literally not talked to since the day of our graduation. Since i graduated i pretty much picked up and left the tiny town i once called home without really looking back. once my parents moved closer to indy there was no reason to head that direction!!

I then proceeded home to take a nap and get some homework accomplished before the night out. I then got my school girl on at the Se7en Sins party and had some fun struttin around in my outfit (see gallery!).


Took my twin 7-year old brothers and my 14-year old sister to the zoo for the day! got to enjoy some very nice hot weather and much needed quality time with my rugrats. we got to pet the sharks, ride the “Roller” coster, see all the animals, and spend some time in the little water area (where it would appear the kids had the most fun!!).
I spent the rest of the night finishing up my homework assignment…yay! no school for a week!!


A much needed extra day off, where i spent most of the day doing a thorough cleaning of my a.p.t. I still have work to do before it’s completely clean, but i got a pretty good start. I then took Peyton (my chocolate lab) to the Monon Center Aqua Park for some pool time. She had a blast splashing in the pool, going down the slide, and chasing the other dogs around the pool.

i spent the rest of the evening beginning the Colts Madness on my myspace page! There will be more done this week in prep for Thursday’s official start of the colts season!

So, all in all i got some of the much needed rest recommended by the doctor as well as some time with the fam and friends!

And that my mojo friends, is why my weekend was awesome!!