My weekend was awesome because…

…well, it started on Wednesday! That pretty much is awesomeness in it’s self!!

Wednesday: Headed to B.Rip for our usual Mojo festitivies, hitting up the Tavern, then Peppers, and then over to Landsharks where we danced our little hearts out!! (check out the gallery of pics)…I left and got home at 3:30 in the am…which takes us to…

Thursday: where i proceed to get up at 7 am for work…yeah…a little tired and hungover!! Got to work at 8 and sat in a meeting until 12. I then left at noon to begin the Colts kickoff day! Headed to 14th and Meridian for some preparty cornhole and drinks with fellow mojo mofos. we then made our way to Military Park to get our bracelets to the concert. We then rocked out to DJ Riz, Hinder, Kelly Clarkson, and Faith Hill for oh about 6 hours! Next up, game time at DJ’s!! It was awesome to see my Colts whoop up on the Saints. It was also great to see some mojos getting a little crazy!! Check out several galleries of pics!!

Friday: After getting home late again, then getting up early to go to work, I decided that Friday would be my night in. I rented a couple movies (Perfect Stranger & Vacancy [both great!]), grabbed a pizza, and proceed to sit on my couch chillaxin for the evening.

Saturday: after sleeping until noon (ah, yes!), i managed to get some cleaning and laundry done (that’s why my weekend was awesome!). Watched some Notre Dame football…That evening was spent with my Hotness Kyra and some of my buddies celebrating my girl Carissa’s 21st birthday @ Have a Nice Day Cafe. Aferwards, we headed to Steak & Shake for some grub and ended up at my buddy’s apartment for cards. we ended up not getting home until 7 am. which is a bit strange to go to bed when the sun is coming up!!

Sunday: after about 5 hours of sleep…it was time for football! ah, i love football season! i spent all day planted on the couch watching football until there was nothing left!

Monday: work (boo!), then home for a bit…and maybe some mojo time at the Woodcock movie screening…only time will tell!! then MORE FOOTBALL!! two games tonight! that rocks!