My very own Blessed Union of Souls Blog

I believe…. chivalry isn’t dead.

I believe…. what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I believe…. loyalty is very important trait in a lover and a friend.

I believe…. one who can make you laugh at anytime is more valuable than their weight in gold.

I believe…. that the most fun things in life happen after 3am.

I believe…. that while many say they don’t regret, there are many things we would go back and change if we could.

I believe…. that wishing on a falling star does mean – well something.

I believe…. that you can hear that wish.

I believe…. you can find good friends anywhere. School, work, bars or even myspace.

I believe…. that cuddling close with a nice summer breeze is the best way to sleep.

I believe…. that it’s a great feeling to have a sidekick.

I believe…. competition brings the best out of people.

I believe…. mothers are a good judge of character.

I believe…. marriage is something in my future, but after 30.

I believe…. in being on time.

I believe…. 3rd base is a spectacular every day thing.

I believe… in staying up and watching the sunrise.

I believe…. in true love.

I believe…. in dreaming tomorrow.

I believe…. that even with all the pains and sorrows in life, the people and experiences we have make this life heaven.