My Valentines Day in 5300 words or less

So here is what I ended up doing on Valentines Day – it ended up being an awesome time and although I was pretty wore down from the past three nights of partyin’ I still rocked it out Mojo style.

First I gave Stephanie her card.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to White Castle on time, but I still rocked the tux and we hit up some PF Changs instead. I decided to chug a bruski or two before we got our grub.

Stephanie was excited for the lettuce wraps, which are basically heaven wrapped up in a crisp, lettuce shell.

Good thing that we were a couple because there were a few stipulations on the menu that we noticed.

After dinner we saw a building on the circle that was definitely into the spirit, so we decided to get into it a bit ourselves.

After we finished up eating, Stephanie headed home for undislclosed reasons that she’s not proud of and I headed up to the Angels and Devils show up at Spin, I ran into Angie and Rob and madness ensued.

The show was awesome and Mardelay rocked the house, not to mention that there were some Devils and Angels hanging around the joint doing their thing. They were fiesty to say the least, which was cool with me and Rob.

After the show I headed back to the good ol’ Southside where I’m now writing this and getting ready to crash. Another great night for the books and here’s to a great Valentines Day and to many, many more.

Oh yeah, p.s. Rob is a vampire.

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