My thoughts on Swift

This should spark some interesting convo! :)

So, I’m all for people being successful at what they do. And doing what they love. And being recognized for their talents. I am happy for Taylor Swift and all she’s been able to already accomplish in her short time in the musical industry. She’s young and talented and I’m sure will be around for a good while.

Here’s my real issue.

She’s a country singer. Produces country albums. Wins country music awards. Appears on country stations. You get what I’m saying. I understand that she’s a crossover artist with her “pop” country songs popular with all the little girls nowadays.

So, her popularity has caused her country twang to appear on the same radio stations i tune into to hear Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, NeYo, etc. There’s something that’s just not right about that. If i wanted to hear a country singer i would have those stations programmed into my presets. But i dont. because i dont listen to country. At the AMA’s Taylor won Best Female COUNTRY artist and Best COUNTRY album and was able to beat out Beyonce, Lady Gaga and even Michael Jackson for Artist of the Year.

It’s come to the point for me that i completely dont listen to any of the “HOT” radio stations in our area. I cant stand to hear country on a station that also plays “We Run This Town”. I now just listen to my mix cds of the music i want to hear so that im not changing from one station playing Taylor Swift to another playing Taylor Swift.

I guess im just a hip-hop/pop lover and should just accept that she’s what’s considered hot and new regardless of genre. but my fix is simply not listening to the radio anymore. and if i do…i’m tuned into 104.5 Classic Rock. At least then i know i wont have to change the station due to Taylor’s popularity.