My man Bob Whitt gets a shout-out from the Fray

I met the Executive Director of the White River State Park, Bob Whitt, yesterday over by the Lawn. He was chillin’ on a Segway and was talking all excited about how they are going to have multi-person Segway tours out there and how much potential the Lawn has as an outdoor, downtown music venue. After checking out the Fray there last night, I would ave to say that there is definite potential – the Lawn is a great place to catch a show.

Anyways, during the Fray show, the lead singer started talking about how he met Bob and how they went on a Segway tour of the park before the show. I just happened to get it all on video and since it’s not everyday someone gets a shout-out by a music superstar, I put together a little video of the super cool shout-out. Check it out below or watch it here on YouTube.