My Life, part 2

Most of the days of my childhood were full of sunshine. The trees were my playground and the woods were my world. I would spend every minute I could outside running around and enjoying the great outdoors. It did not matter to me whether it was ninety degrees or thirty degrees. I would not be trapped inside.
In order to get into the woods behind my house, we had to jump over a fence. This would not have been easy for a small guy like me, except that part of the fence that acted as a wall between my life and my imagination was collapsed partway. In my neighbor’s back yard was where I made my escape. The fence was leaning into the graveyard property where the woods were located. It was severely over grown with weeds and honeysuckle. I would climb over the fence and jump down on the other side into weeds and undergrowth that was up to our waists. Over time, a path developed from the leaning fence to the woods 10 yards away. These woods divided our neighborhood from the next and were not very big at all. Through the center of the forest, ran a creek. This was the source of adventure for me and my friends from the neighborhood. Each day we would venture further and further down the creek