My Last First Friday

In October 2009, I debuted for the first time in an art gallery down on Mass Ave at the one and only Art Bank. This was such a HUGE event for me, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was all set up in this little corner, and I really didn’t know what to expect. Majority of my family came, but there were some really close friends that came to see me (Erin, Boston, JK, Elise)…that was made me feel pretty damn good.

So my debut came and went, and then from then on it became pretty routine. Make a new piece here and there put it up in my little corner of a wall space. But then in January 2010, I got a bigger wall space, however, I didn’t quite have enough art work to fill the wall! So I framed a bunch of work, got the wall all setup, and it was like a debut all over again. I was really excited, but this time, not too many friends showed up. But whatever, it was all good because I still had people there supporting me, and the most important thing was that the artist at the Art Bank were really supportive.

A month or two went by and I started getting the idea of becoming the featured artist. One day I came into the AB, and told the manager I’d like to be the featured artist in June. So i got the spot and then procrastinated to the very end getting my series “Back To Natural” finished. I worked hard on that series, and I promoted my butt off. I was sure with all the other events going on at the AB and all of us promoting it, I’d have tons of support come in. Day of the event, there were tons of people. My family, and friends of the family came out to see my stuff, hell even my personal trainer came out to see me, even a new girl from my work! But…the people that I really wanted to see there were Mofos. I do have to say to Shawn and Jen Smith, thank you for coming out, that was surprise and i didn’t know you were coming. But, when I got text after text from people saying they weren’t coming, or people just didn’t really care at all I got pretty let down.

I didn’t let it bother me at the time, but when I got home that night and looked at the empty forums, the empty roll call, the 20+ something people that RSVP on FB, and none of them came, I got pretty angry and upset. For 9 months I was in the AB, and I struggled each month to get people to come out. What’s sad is that there are some of you that I think are pretty close friends that never once came to see my stuff or just even came to support me. Well, I’m sorry to say, you won’t have that chance now because on June 30th, I’m taking my stuff down from the gallery.

It’s not really because of the lack of support, but it’s more because I need to spend more time developing my skills and maybe comeback as a stronger artist. However, it did suck the life out of me when I was the featured artist for the First Friday Art Walk a day before my Bday and I didn’t sell a thing. 5 artist that day sold stuff, and that hurt more than anything. Not to many of you know what that feels like.

Well, anyway, if any of you are interested in what I’m doing from time to time, check my website: for more information and new art when it comes out.


Casey “KC” Pierce