My jounral

Today…..lets see i woke up at…about 11:30. I decided i would drink 2 cups of coffee instead of the usual one, im not sure why i decided to do this but it worked out well. I turned on the tv for company (no one is around during the day). I turned it to the travel channel and watched anthony bourdain: no reservations. I have seen every show of this season so it was a repeat for me. I then decided i need to get started playing some acoustic songs. I played a song i wrote called im too scared and i’m to shy. This is song is about being to scared to go after what you want. I played one of my old ones called purgatory, which is about feeling lost but it doesn’t feel bad but it doesn’t feel good. I also played a new song i wrote called chapter 2. It is about giving up after trying repeatedly to do something. This particular song is part of my concept album western loneliness. After i played that for awhile i began to play some covers i learned thrice- the whalers, brand new- play crack the sky, brand new- jesus christ.
Then, i went up stairs to work out, i ran for about 30 mins and ran about two miles. Running is something that is hard to start but once you start you realize how great it makes you feel. It definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment. After this i showered and then ate a light lunch. I recieved a phone call from friend asking me to come out and drink tonight downtown for $2 pitchers, which i have to admitt sounded very tempting but i had to refrain because i drank soo much last week im still not thrilled with the word drink. I decided i need to stay home and get up at a decent time tomorrow because i have to go christmas shopping for my parents and brothers, i also have band practice around 6pm. we’ll probably end up drinking like we always do, but thats ok i don’t have anything left to do after i finish shopping. so i can be a little hung over for tomorrow, because im just going to go out to the bar for wild wednesday at landsharks, like i do every wednesday.
well thats it for me tonight, the rest of the night is going to consist of me playing ps3 and then falling asleep peace.