My First Wild Wednesday

So last night was my first Wild Wednesday, ever! Not too shabby if you ask me. Got a shit ton of pics, some great footage of the burrito debacle, and fine one night’s stay at the Grand Hupster Hotel! Could you ask for more???????!!!!!!!

It all started with what seemed like an innocent stop at the local gas station with Hup to grab “dinner”, i.e. chocolate milk, soda, fig newtons, and chips. But what do you know? Not even in the check out line and a woman drops her milk jug and it splashes everyone with in ten feet. (Hup-where’s the photo Mofo!?!?) Ofcourse the guy behind her chimed in that she should have gone with chugs and not the usual gallon, but woman, they never listen!

Then we made our way up to the Rip to check out Landsharks and really kick start the night! By kick start, I mean I drank a couple of beers and watched college football until the crowd started rolling in. Which was good, I was starting to think Wild Wednesday wasn’t going to be so damn wild! But then South Carolina and the whole crew showed up, so it got live! I think I was on beer eight, nine, maybe eleven or so by 12, so all accounts after that are inadmisable in court.

The dance floor was hoping, the girls were gorgeous, the guys were chillen, the liquor was flowing and before I knew it I was sharing a dance with Steph Brady, and I was glad for that opportunity. I must say that there are quit a few Lady Mofo’s that really know how to work it out there, thanks for keeping things pumping ladies!

As the night wore on Hup and Steph decided it was time for some grub, 2:45, I had to agree. We then proceeded to Qdoba, and as many of you have probably seen or heard, the Burrito debacle ensued. It was an A class show, can’t really lie. I enjoyed myself, and I was really happy that I was able to get out and enjoy the Mofo’s that I have heard have had such a good time on these Wild Wednesday’s.

All in all, I ended up sleeping for all of about thirty minutes amazing couch in the Grand Hupster Hotel’s living room.

I’m not gonna lie, it was really, really good.