My farewell letter as intern

Dear Mojo….. This crazy little internship is coming to and end. I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to you guys. Tuesday is my last day being the first official intern. I have to hand in my portfolio and write a paper on what I learned to my sponsoring professor. After that, I graduate and my college career is over. I just want to take this moment to thank Smitty for taking my joke and turning it into a reality. You really are my saving grace for the semester. I had missed all my deadlines for Spring internships (surprise surprise!) and joking with Smitty I said I would work for free if he could really teach me something. This turned into Jk, Smitty and I coming up with a real job that I could do and we ended up working on a proposal to get it approved. Even though my bosses are my friends they still had work for me to do and still taught me some things along the way. Thank you both for that. I still am undecided on where I am going to go with my degree. I will have a degree in journalism May 10th but this internship taught me a little about PR and marketing, now I have interest in all three areas. I plan to still be involved in mojo as much as possible, I will keep my blogs going and still try to get mojo as much media attention as possible. Thanks to all of you who dubbed me “intern from hell” or “worst intern ever” when my camera would die or I would not come totally prepared with my business cards. You saved my butt by giving me Smitty’s camera or extra cards. You guys are awesome…. Tuesday you will see my name change :)