My expiriences at The Mouse Trap Continued.

March 31st 2011.
Edited by Leslie McCoy and Evan Parker

After a 2 year absence from the EDM scene, Jeremy Daeger is back. Is he here to stay? I do not know. What I do know is that he played one wicked set, Thursday night at the Mouse Trap Bar and Grill. This being his second performance since his two year break, he shows no deterioration to his skills as a deejay. In fact, his mix was so good that if you were a first time listener to his set that night, you would have believed he was a celebrity spin master. Playing full bridge – a style mixed with minimal glitches and break beats that is, sadly, no longer played much in the local area – he lit up the Mouse Trap like Times square on the Fourth of July.

I tried having a word with Jeremy, but he declined my interview. I can only speculate why he would not let me pick his mind. Maybe it’s because he’s only back for a short visit, or possibly he thought I was some drunk fool trying to ramble away an hour of his life, talking about worthless nonsense in the ancient form of speech known as “Drunklor.” Or perhaps he simply doesn’t like interviews. That’s okay; I’m not judging him for his words but for his music, and that gets an A+ in my book.

My night started off with many surprises. Listening to veterans like Jeremy Daeger is always a grand joy to my ear drums. His ability to mix up classic tunes like Small Town Girl into full-bridge dance beats, showed a method of versatility better known with men who have years of experience ruling the dance floor. The night had started off great for me, but as he was the opener of the night, only a few people were able to catch the wonderful performance.

Don’t worry about this too much my friends, because at this moment, there is talk about recording the sets that have been shaking 56th street into pieces. (if allowed of course). This must be done, for the world is missing out on the amazing events that many others and myself have been able to experience at the Mouse Trap every Thursday these past few months.

Up next to the stage was the recently reviewed group Eumatik. Eumatik (you-mat-ic), a trio consisting of keyboardist Ashton Kleeman, drummer Derek Shelton, and Ableton Live producer Josh Lockwood- is one of the upcoming bands gracing the stages of MojoStock this summer. Playing a genre almost entirely created by themselves, called Jamtronica, their performance was like riding through the universe on a magic carpet ride. They played three sets, each with a different style. First playing jazzy techno, then onto glitchy electro jams, and finishing up with psychedelic dubstep. If I were to close my eyes while listening to them, I would have thought there were three separate bands performing. I would elaborate more, but instead you should check out the preview by following the link

As the time changes from dusk to morning, Psynapse takes the stage. If you have not tuned into a set spun by Psynapse, you’re truly missing out. He has become one of my favorite dubstep deejays, along with Kodama, and is by far one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Psynapse does not just play records – instead, he expresses his soul, taking his audience into a more spiritual plane of existence. He lifts his listeners higher than what they have been before, developing a connection with the unknown parts of the mind. His sets have metaphorical meaning, telling stories without words. This is a craft that the greatest musicians to ever live, such as Beethoven and Mozart, utilized in their work. To hear a deejay use the same method of story telling through music is almost unbelievable. His ability to empathize with the tracks that he chooses to mix creates sets that sound more like symphonic orchestrations, rather than a typical electronic set you’ll find at a club or bar. The best part is, he does it with dubstep.

By now, you’re probably drooling on yourself after reading about the magic that has been happening at the Mouse Trap. I know I am. Lucky for you, the reader, one of the best shows to happen in the EDM scene this year is taking place this Thursday with The Claw Of Hulk! You do not want to miss it. Many of the artists that you’ve just read about will be sharing the stage with the green “masheen,” making this a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss out. It’s not often when we get a glimpse of heaven, and this Thursday you won’t get just a glimpse, but an eyeful! Be there, or be rectangular. This message will self destruct,;please dispose of it accordingly.