My experiences at the Mouse Trap Bar and Grill

Here is a late review of what happened March 24, 2011 At the Mouse trap Bar and Grill.

I don’t usually journal much anymore, but after all the great times I’ve had hanging out with Indy Mojo’s staff, the event-goers and, the performers they bring to Indianapolis, I feel as if there are too many things that need to be shared with a greater part of the world. Let me start off with a recap of what happened March 24th – Thursday night at the Mouse Trap. The mousetrap begins to fill with eager EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans waiting to be blown away by another spectacular Indy Mojo production. I have never believed in having expectations good or bad, but when it comes to this production company, I can’t help but have good expectations. Today, we are here to celebrate Indy Mojo co-owner Jason King’s 32nd birthday. Jason managed to survive the nineties generation, and how he did it, I do not know. Living through super-acid washed jeans, not-so-stylish fashion mullets, Nirvana, and big hair that had been somewhat tamed coming out of the eighties, I can’t help but to have respect for this man-coon. Let us all hope for many years to come for Jason, and much stranger generations for him to experience.

Kodama opens up the night by playing a mellow smoke-step set to bring in the buzz. As a steady beat and heavy bass line pulses through the room, the energy begins to slowly rise. Each song becoming more powerful, the vibe begins to heighten the mood of the night and prepares us all for what is next to come. As the tempo increases, bodies start moving, glow sticks start spinning, and hoolas start hooping. We have all become passengers on Kodama’s musical train and are being carried away to a magical land within his imagination.

While Kodama starts letting off the passengers aboard his mystical caboose, Jackola steps up to the decks. Starting off with a quirky 90’s club hit by Technotronic, he enlightens us with humor and brings back memories to our veteran ravers. From smoke-step to house, the atmosphere has changed. The tempo has increased and the mood of the night is beginning to take shape; bringing the crowed further into a state of ecstasy.

The beat takes over my body and I feel an almost uncontrollable need to dance. I have always been more of a drum and bass and dubstep fan when it comes to EDM; yet, anytime I tune into a set by Jackola, I fall in love with house music. His skills as a deejay shine through the sound system, projecting his humorous, down to earth, personality, and showing the many years he has spent behind the decks.

Next on the stage is one of Indiana’s most sensational veterans: DJ Orion. However, tonight, he is not Orion. De-viewing his new alter-ego he stands on stage as Huge Jeffner. Comparing Huge Jeffner and Dj Orion is like comparing Peter Parker and Spider Man. During the day, Peter Parker is a photographer working for a local newspaper; at night he transforms into the vigilante super hero known as Spider Man.

Just as Peter Parker, Dj Orion keeps a day job as a radio personality. When the lights go out, and the underground awakes, Huge Jeffner is let loose. Dressed in plaid pajamas and house slippers, he carries the persona of Hue Heffner, and the only thing missing is three blond, silicone-filled girl-friends. The first track he drops is far from anything you would hear Dj Orion play on the radio. He throws down a heavy original dubstep top40 remix to help carry the crowed to a new realm.

Huge Jeffner switches it up, bringing a large array of sounds, from dubstep to old school hip hop, showing his universalism as a master mixer. His expertise is expressed on the dance floor, as bodies move to the groove that he so diligently creates. Such wondrous sounds explode through the speakers that the music has become a drug itself, exploring emotions and the colors of life, nurturing a natural state of ecstasy.

Dj Hollow Point ends the night by dropping one wicked dubstep tune that expels the last reserve of energy we dancers have been storing away. There is even a man-sized raccoon on the floor, shaking its tail as though possessed by rabid rage.

Many EDM fans believe it is impossible to mix drum and bass with dubstep and truly make it work. Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed by the master techniques of DJ Hollow Point. If you don’t believe it’s possible, come check out DJ Hollow Point and have your clothes turned around like Kris Kross! He does not just mix drum and bass with dubstep, but does it in a way that makes sweet, sweet love to your ears.

As the night comes to an end, a feeling of satisfaction washes over me. In my mind, I thank Indy Mojo for providing me with another night of great music, great people, and a little bit of happiness. Happy Birthday, Jason King!