My drunken weekend hijinx

Oh holy hell, after last night at UGLY MONKEY I’m pretty freakin’ hung over. And the best advice I got from two people today was “hung over? You better drink some more then!”, and as much as I might regret it later, there’s a 6 pack of Coors that I’m getting ready to pour down my gullet. Doesn’t help that new neighbors were moving in the apartment beneath me this weekend, bringing in heavy furniture, banging, stomping, so needless to say my sleep (usually from 10am – 6pm) hasn’t been very good.

Anyway, back to the party. Hung out with DJ KOOLAID and crew at the UGLY MONKEY last night working out some details for the big Nov. 19th benefit show we’ve got there for the ‘Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’ featuring some cool bands like PIGTAIL CROOKS, OUSHABOO RECORDS, PEOPLE VS RADIO, CASUAL INTERRUPTION, and FIBER just to name a few. Admittedly I’m not really in to the hip-hop scene, but we saw some booties gyrating on the dance floor and some boobies bouncing around, so that’s usually a good thing. Drank 6 beers, 4 jack and cokes, and 4 shots of something crazy, then came home at 3am to drunken blogging and another 4 or 5 beers, so honestly I’m a little surprised I’m not in complete zombie mode right now.

Perhaps the best thing about the night was that after talking to ‘Soupy’, the manager at the MONKEY, we figured out that he had some spots available for LIVE MUSIC on NEW YEARS and is probably going to let me book 4 or 5 bands for the evening, which is awesome since I’ve been looking for a place to host a NEW YEAR’S PARTY for at least a month now! So, semi-officially, I’ll be co-hosting the NEW YEAR PARTY at the UGLY MONKEY, during the packed insanity downtown that night, with such cool bands and performers as DJ KOOLAID, CIVILIAN, GASH HOUND, THE DWELLERS and more TBA.

Aside from that we’ve got a show at MELODY INN this Wednesday the 14th with DJ KOOLAID, FIBER, CASUAL INTERRUPTION and one TBA, and luckily was able to book CIVILIAN and GASH HOUND at LIZARDS on the south side for HALLOWEEN NIGHT, which I’ll be using as the official release of my new ‘Crossroad Resonances’ quarterly zine publication. You can read more here at one of my various other blogs if you’re interested.

Should be a cool and productive few months to come, and I’m looking forward to what 2010 has in store…

…Aside from the Apocalypse, that is.